General People Charter No. 1

Beautiful yet practical, making working life a pleasure.

Good design is fundamental to a good workspace. Our exceptional architects and designers fully appreciate the practical day-to-day needs of small business. But they also weave threads of uplifting beauty into the fabric of the working environment.

Furniture and fit-out are designed and produced by local, highly skilled craft-based makers. Which means our on-site facilities crew can handle problems quickly or give your office a welcome design boost when you feel the need.



General People Charter No. 2

Affordable without compromising on quality or service.

When you choose your place of business, one of the deciding factors is going to be value for money. Of course it is. We fully appreciate that a very good deal will always be a big deal for the smaller, growing business.

We also understand the pressures of running your own business. That’s why we’re always happy to deal with everyday office management for you where we also tend to get better value. Annoying stuff like the internet, utilities or furniture.

We never compromise on quality of design or service. We only do affordable. Simple as.



General People Charter No. 3

Taking inspiration from, and giving back to, our community.

We’ve created a network of 3,000 small business owners, founders and workers. It’s a thriving, productive community in its own right. One that is powered by diversity, opportunity and possibility. When people get together, good things happen.

It is part of our social contract to foster positive impact in our local neighbourhoods. So we’ve created a community wealth-building programme that connects our occupiers with the people who live around their place of work.

One size

fits no one

General People Charter No. 4

Workspaces customised for all kinds of businesses.

Comfortable and functional, your workspace needs to work. For you.

Because no two businesses are the same, we offer options — from contemporary-studios and heritage workspaces, to maker workshops and multi-use warehouses.

Being able to pivot and work flexibly is key, so our management teams are always ready to react to your needs quickly and enhance the way you choose to work.