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At General people, we’re inspired by four guiding ideas. They give us focus, purpose and direction.

Onefitsno onesize

Charter No. 1

Workspaces customised for all kinds of businesses

Because no two businesses are the same, we offer options — from contemporary studios and heritage workspaces to maker workshops and multi-use warehouses. We believe in crafting truly unique spaces that give every business an edge. Being able to pivot and work flexibly is key, so our management teams are always ready to adapt to your needs and enhance the way you choose to work.

Charter No. 2

Building a shared vision

No work is done in isolation. Our spaces are only as strong as their communal links. That's why at General People every building is unique and is deeply connected with the local area and people. So we’ve created a community wealth-building programme that connects our occupiers with the people who live around their place of work. When people get together, good things happen.

LocalActionGlobal Ambition
circulate value
circulate value

Charter No. 3

Taking inspiration from, and giving back to, our community

It is part of our social contract to foster positive impact in our local neighbourhoods.
From our pioneering incubator programme to local school initiatives, we circulate value back to the community to support local innovation and talent.

Charter No. 4

Beautiful spaces that go the extra mile

Second to location, design is the most important thing. That is why we challenge the notion that beautifully designed spaces cannot be sustainable. We also understand that sustainability, to be meaningful, needs to be implemented across all our operations. That is why we partner with local suppliers and work with them every step of the way. This means our on-site facilities crew can handle problems quickly, without costing the earth.


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